Irasmos Symposium 2008
"A Merge of Theory and Practice"

14-16 May 2008 , Davos - Switzerland

In May 2008 the Irasmos Symposium on Integral Risk Management took place in the mountainous surroundings of Davos, Switzerland. The symposium focused on integral risk management of of extremly rapid mass movements, whereby snow avalanches, rock avalanches and debris flows were the core processes to deal with. Findings of the 6th FP EU-project were disseminated to a diverse audience of practitioners, scientists, students, in risk management of natural hazards interested persons. The program strongly addressed the operational application of scientific research under the motto "A Merge of Theory and Practice". We wanted to offer the opportunity to discuss their recent issues in a relaxing but stimulating atmosphere.

We want to express our thanks to all participants from diverse European countries, who made this dissemination event a successful meeting.


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