Most of the scientific objectives of the IRASMOS project have been addressed within the project duration. The submitted deliverables generally reflect the original goals of IRASMOS. There is a considerable amount of scientific papers, which have been elaborated, submitted or accepted by scientific journals. The contributions of WP1 to 3 can be considered as comprehensive overviews of the state-of-the-art, especially with regard to standard methods that have enjoyed long-standing applications in the IRASMOS partner countries. There are a number of practical   objectives, which have been achieved within IRASMOS. Most notably the establishment and/or improvement of the scientific network are among the important outcomes of IRASMOS. The key objective of many IRASMOS deliverables was to give an overview of the state- of-the-art in risk mitigation concerning extremely rapid mass movements. Hence, there are several deliverables that have for the first time collated such methods and approaches in a systematic manner. All of the deliverables are the results of collaborative work of several partners.

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