Open questions


The following list can be regarded as a selection of important open questions which need to be tackled and answered in the future.
• The quantification of risk includes a considerable degree of uncertainty. How should we deal with this uncertainty in the practical realisation of protection strategies?
• A dialogue among all stakeholders is necessary to reduce risks. How could this dialogue be initiated and how should we communicate risks to the public?
• For the development of mountain regions in Europe, efficient countermeasures are necessary. How can the effectiveness of countermeasures be determined accurately?


• Multi-risk considerations include risks from different sources, such as natural, technological or societal hazards. How can these risks be compared and integrated in risk assessments in order to fully achieve the goal of integral risk management?
• The future development of risks is closely connected to changes in our environment and the climate. How can climate change considerations be included into risk assessment?
• There has been an international harmonization of snow avalanche warning and forecasting in Europe. How can other warning and forecasting systems for mountain regions be harmonized?

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