Rock avalanches, debris flows, and snow avalanches are landslide- and landslide-related processes, subsumed under the term extremely rapid mass movements. These processes pose varying degrees of risk to land use, infrastructure, and personal safety in many mountain regions.
Despite increasing efforts to quantify the risk in terms of potential damage or loss of life, most previous studies have achieved partial rather than total risk solutions.


IRASMOS addresses these shortcomings by reviewing, evaluating, comparing and augmenting methodological tools for the hazard and risk assessment of extremely rapid mass movements. Risk considerations in dealing with natural hazards have become more important during recent years and a wide variety of methods and tools have been developed in many European countries.



  At the Lisbon summit in March 2000, EU governments called for a better use of European research efforts through the creation of an internal market for science and technology – a “European Research Area” (ERA). The EU’s  

Research Framework Programmes (FP) are the EU’s main instrument for research funding in Europe. The FP 6 is the financial instrument to help make ERA a reality.

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